I am so immature tho

 anyone can say pee or urine and i won’t laugh

 but the second somebody says



I have another join me open for tonight.

Not sure how long I’ll be online, but I’d love it if you came, even just for a little while! ;w;


Okay I am going to be drawing some stuff so if you want to join….

here I am mann

Should I stream?

I want to draw so I was just wondering if anybody would been interested in joining?

I’ll probably do one anyways…

Tumblr just turned into a teenage boy.

Robot Kitten scribble thingy

fill in the blanks

1. name: Jessica
2. birthday:  January 18th
3. favorite color:  Probably Red
4. lucky number: 3,7,13, or 21.
5. height: 5’8


1. last dream you remember:  All I remember is, it was scary.
2. can you juggle: No…
3. art/sports/both:  Art.. just drawing and stuff.
4. do you like writing: Yes. If I get to write about what I want to.
5. do you like dancing: I love watching others dance, I’m not very good at dancing, but I do like to do it.
6. do you like singing: I love to sing! I sing all of the time! Another thing I’m probably not to good at, but at least I can carry a tune.



2. dream date: I would have no idea. Anywhere is fine really as long as it was interesting and we had fun, you know?

3. dream guy/gal/nb: I don’t even know myself. Probably someone who loves me for who I am. Who I would have similar interest with and that we could  appreciate each other. Someone who doesn’t get angry very much and is positive, but also someone who gives me space when I need it and isn’t so clingy. Someone who is mature to a point, but not serious enough to where they can’t even have any fun at all. Someone who is open with me, where we feel comfortable saying what we want to say and expressing ourselves without the other person worrying about something being “tmi” or “weird”. Yeah…

4. dream wedding:  Wait I’m getting married…? haha.. I wouldn’t care. We wouldn’t have to get married. it wouldn’t matter to me.
5. dream pet: ANYTHING. Well, preferably a cat, but having a pet seems really cool to me.
6. dream job: Not sure yet.


1. favorite song: This is the worst question in the universe.
2. favorite album:  Not sure on this one either.
3. favorite artist: Gorillaz, Nirvana, The Beach Boys, etc.
4. last song you heard on the radio:  I don’t remember…
5. least favorite song:  I’m not sure. I never really pay attention to music I don’t like.
6. least favorite album: Not entirely sure here either…
7. least favorite artist: Basically One Direction, Justin Bieber, Blood On The Dance Floor, etc. etc. etc…


1. guys/girls/nb: I suppose guys but I don’t really know yet.
2. hair color: I seem to lean towards people with blond hair but whenever I find someone attractive in reality like walking by or something they usually have black hair or darker brown hair so idk.. it doesn’t seem to really matter to me.
3. eye color:  Green. Maybe Blue, but again, If I was into someone enough nothing like this would matter.
4. humorous/serious: Literally 50/50 down the middle it depends on my mood and/or who I am talking to. Generally humorous because people seem to think something’s wrong with me if I’m serious for like 5 seconds.
5. taller/shorter: Taller if a guy, but if it was a girl… idkk man I like then to be shorter than me heehee..
6. biggest turn-off: I don’t even know.
7. biggest turn-on: It depends I guess but idk man. I just don’t know. -hIDES FACE-

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When you loose your tablet pen, you either feel like this

or this

Anonymous whispered: Allow me to tell you how much I adore and love you.

oh? ;//o//;