Anonymous whispered: Allow me to tell you how much I adore and love you.

oh? ;//o//;

Anonymous whispered: Hey lil' mama lemme whisper in ya ear


Anonymous whispered: Hail Hydra



wOw so here’s the deal, I did this giveaway before to give some merch from interests past away and the winner didnt contact me back so here it is revamped!! some prizes arent pictured!

ending date to be determined


  • wacom bamboo tablet w/ pen (as u can tell i am not an artist)
  • cute PruCan artbook
  • multiple doujins w/ pairings such as FrUk, Franada, Frain, and Shizaya (DRRR) 
  • quite a few Hetalia prints
  • Full 9 pc Hetalia figure set
  • discontinued Greece figurine (Its p much impossible to find these for a reasonable price)
  • Hetalia seasons 3 & 4
  • Paint it white
  • Any manga from my shelf bar very few (I’ll contact you with a list it’s extensive)
  • Hetalia volumes 1, 2 & 3
  • APH Germany pillow
  • Death Note L pillow


  • up to 5 reblogs allowed (1 entry per reblog) and likes don’t count!
  • You dont have to be following me but there will be extra prizes if you are (games, hetalia bandannas etc) 
  • Shipping anywhere
  • leave your ask open so I can contact you!!
  • you don’t have to take every prize, if you win and you only want some of the stuff just let me know
  • 3 winners!

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If I got a scanner, probably the first thing I would scan would be my butt, and if that doesn’t say how lame I am than I don’t know what does. 

I only need 15 more followers holy poopsicle.

I don’t really know

How do you talk to your followers and actually get replies and communicate and stuff.

los angeles or louisiana x’D

Los Angeles. xD Sorry I guess I should have clarified that opps.

Just because I’m curious is there anyone following me that lives about an hour away from L.A.? ;o;